Barry's Recent Cases:

Low Impact Rear End

Barbara was stopped at a traffic light with a Kenworth tractor trailer just behind. When the light turned, Barbara did not move forward immediately. The truck did, although the damage to her bumper was less than $300.00, Barbara's back was hurt. Her original Cleveland attorneys wanted her to settle her case for less than $5,000.00. She fired them and came to Mr. Vermeeren. After filing suit and convincing the insurance company that a person could suffer serious injury even in a low-speed minimal damage accident, the company settled the case for $100,000.00.

Medical Insurance Refusal

Rick was a self-employed construction worker who always purchased his own medical insurance policy. When he suffered a kidney stone requiring inpatient surgery, his medical insurer refused payment and cancelled his insurance. The company maintained that one of the answers on his application for insurance was incorrectly answered. Mr. Vermeeren has all of Rick's medical records copied, filed the lawsuit and after a motion for summary judgment was filed, the company paid the medical bills and the case was dismissed.

Just months before, Mr. Vermeeren settles a similar case where the medical bills exceeded $140,000.00.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Karen was involved in a stop sign collision on a country road. She was treated and released at a local emergency room. Karen suffered soft tissue sprains and strains. She hired a Toledo attorney, but, because very dissatisfied with the delays and failure to return phone calls, switched attorneys to Mr. Vermeeren. The insurance company only offered $15,000.00 as a settlement, as there was no disc injury or damages to Karen other than the soft tissue injuries. After suit was filed and following extensive preparation for trial, the case was settled for the $100,000.00 policy limits.

Physician and Hospital Malpractice

Sharon a 52-year-old dialysis patient was admitted to the hospital for observation. During the night, her condition deteriorated and her blood pressure was dropping rapidly. Her attending physician was called around midnight and telephone order for treatment was given. At 4:00am, the nursing staff found Sharon unconscious. Her physician was again called and again telephone orders were given to the nurses. After her physician arrival at the hospital, it was evident that Sharon was bleeding internally and needed to have her blood replace immediately or she was going to die. Because of a major misunderstanding, the three units of packed red blood cells and two unites of plasma were administered way too slowly and by the early afternoon Sharon died. For this case Mr. Vermeeren utilized a team of attorneys and ultimately the case was settled with payments from both the hospital and attending physician just before the jury trail was to begin. Sharon's husband and three daughters were grateful to bring this case to a close.

Wrongful Death

Richard was killed when his car was forced off a two lane road by a semi truck. He was passing the truck on a two lane road when the Semi started to pass the vehicle in front of it. Richard took the only action available which was to swerve away from the truck. His auto was never actually struck by the truck. Richard left two minor sons. Mr. Vermeeren dealt with the insurance companies, set up the Estate and filed the wrongful death case. He negotiated a settlement with the two insurance companies involved and set up a tax-free structured settlement that guarantees the boys financial future.

Dog Bites

Tyler was seriously bitten by a friend's dog. His mother went to two different law firms who handles the case. She became impatient by the lack of either to move the case and settlement forward. When she came to Mr. Vermeeren, she was extremely frustrated. The case was settled by Mr. Vermeeren for one of the highest amount in the county for such injuries.

Judy and her 80-year-old father were attacked by a neighbor's pitbull. The dog owner's insurance compnay refused to acknowledge the damages adequately. Both clients felt the company wasn't giving them any serious attention until they went to Mr. Vermeeren.

Both were surprised by the settlement received.

Medical Malpractice Diet Drugs

Mr. Vermeeren represented the family of a woman who died, as a result of her taking the drugs commonly referred to as Fen-Phen. He hired two Board Certified Heart Specialists, one in California and the other in Ohio, to present the case. Because of his perseverance and hard work the family received the largest award available from the AHP Settlement Trust.

Delayed Diagnosis and Treatment

A young man was involved in an almost head-on auto accident. He was stiff and sore after the accident, but thought he would be okay, so he didn't go to the Emergency Room or seek medical attention initially. When the pain and headaches would not go away, the man saw his family doctor and nine months post-accident was referred to an orthopedic surgeon who performed disc surgery on a bulging disc in his neck. The surgery was very successful.

As the car accident was clearly the other driver's fault, the young man initially felt he could handle the settlement of his injury case himself. When the insurance adjuster wouldn't pay much more than the medical bills, his family attorney referred him to Barry W. Vermeeren.

Barry got the case settled for $70,000.00. He even got the judge to call the home office of the insurance company to increase the settlement by an additional $5,000.00.

Closed Head Injury

A man was driving home to Michigan from his commercial roofing job in Columbus, Ohio. As he was driving through Huron County, Ohio, he ran into a 1,500-lound Black Angus Bull standing in the middle of a dark country road. The man walked away from the accident but was treated for some cuts on his head and side of his face at a local hospital emergency room. His wife drive down from Upper Michigan to take him home.

Over the next few weeks it became clear that he had suffered injuries far greater than previously suspected. His short-term memory wasn't working, his eyesight was suddenly bad, and he became depressed.

His wife, contacted Mr. Vermeeren for legal help. He was able to settle the case for the policy limits of $500,000.00.

Comparative Negligence

A young woman pulled out of a gas station and was t-boned by another car. The other driver was cited for speeding and the woman was cited for failure to yield the right-of-way. She sustained significant injuries, in part because she was not wearing her seat belt and flew out of her van.

After she got out of the hospital, her husband spoke to several injury attorneys about her case. They all refused to represent them as she was cited for pulling out in front of the other driver. Mr. Vermeeren took the case and after much work got the traffic charges against her dismissed in the traffic court. He then filed suit for her and ultimately got the other driver's insurance company, Allstate, to pay the policy limits to settle the case.

Barry also negotiated a reduction in the amount she needed to repay her medical insurance carrier, all to put more money into their hands.

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