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If you're involved in a dispute and seeking monetary damages or non-criminal results, it's best to get an experienced attorney on your side. Contact Tone, Grubbe, McGory & Vermeeren, Ltd to consult with a civil litigation attorney in Sandusky and Norwalk, Ohio.

From personal injury and malpractice to corporate law and contract disputes, a civil law attorney will get you through the entire legal process. We believe communication with our clients is a big deal and make sure you understand exactly what's happening with your case.

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Filing a lawsuit is a difficult process. Sometimes, negotiations happen before things escalate that far. Talk to an attorney about all sorts of civil litigation, including:

  • Business disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Homeowners association disputes
  • Real estate disputes or title problems
  • Estate or trust disputes
  • Will challenges
Civil Litigation

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