Mediated Divorce In Sandusky OH

Attorney Vermeeren works as a truly impartial Mediator working for both divorcing spouses. No sides are taken, no pressure is exerted. Your particular finances, needs and circumstances are woven into Ohio laws and court rules. Typically, only 2 meetings are required, each is 2 or 3 hours long. The first meeting defines your assets and finances and the dynamic needs of the parties and the children. In both sessions, agreements will occur on each asset and each debt and each member of the family's needs, wishes, and desires. Not one decision or agreement will be reached without your agreement.

The second session will occur after each party considers the issues agreed to in the first session and his or her own thoughts on how to resolve the open issues.

Finally, Attorney Vermeeren will prepare your petition for dissolution, your separation agreement, and your final decree of dissolution with numerous other required court documents. Usually Mr. Vermeeren or your own attorney(s) will attend the first and only court hearing. This will be held within 90 days of filing the petition and other required documents. The hearing is very low-key and friendly and the court, being satisfied that you are comfortable with your decisions and the documents meet all requirements, the dissolution of marriage is filed. That's it. It can't be any more simple or easier.

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